Nikhol Perez, MBA

Director of Finance

Nikhol Perez, MBA, has a decade of experience in coordinating accounting operations, preparing and analyzing financial statements and improving business processes. She joined Kirby Bates as Finance Manager in 2018. 

Prior to joining Kirby Bates, Nikhol served as a Senior Accountant in various industries broadening her experiences. The foundation of Nikhol’s success is her ability to align business strategy with established financial accounting principles. She strives to help companies increase profitability, achieve corporate goals and make informed business decisions. 

Having recently earned a master’s degree in business administration from University of Central Florida, Nikhol is well-equipped with the latest analytical tools, business techniques, problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills. Though she has highly desired accountant traits, she does not consider herself a typical accountant. She believes her strengths lie in her flexibility and ability to build relationships. 

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