Kirby Bates Associated Named One of Philadelphia’s Top Executive Recruiting Firms for 2024

Kirby Bates Associates is proud to be named to the Top Executive Recruiters Retained Search Firm list by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2024. Over the past 35 years, Kirby Bates has grown into a national force in healthcare leadership consulting, evolving into a full-service executive consultancy that serves the diverse leadership needs of modern  [continue reading…]

Why Specialized Recruiters Win in Healthcare Executive Search

  When your healthcare organization needs to find a high-performing leader, the number of search firms available to help can be overwhelming, many backed by teams with incredible talent. However, healthcare’s unique and complex needs require more than simply talent—a specialized firm is most fully equipped to address these challenges effectively. The complexity of the  [continue reading…]

Career Advice for Private Equity Healthcare Candidates

  The healthcare industry stands alone. Not only is it at the leading edge of innovation and technology, it’s also truly recession proof. These two factors — and enormous opportunities for improvement — have contributed to the industry drawing in nearly $1 trillion in private equity investments in the last two decades. Private equity (PE)  [continue reading…]

Healthcare Private Equity Trends and Challenges in 2024

  The last four years have ushered in a new paradigm of healthcare deliveries and corporate structures, with a dramatic surge and fall in healthcare private equity (PE) deal value and volumes. According to Troy Keach, Kirby Bates Associates Vice President of Executive Search, “Private equity firms are increasingly interested in the healthcare sector and  [continue reading…]

Managing Multigenerational Teams in Healthcare

  Healthcare organizations are leading increasingly diverse teams, and age is one element of that diversity. Today, healthcare organizations are composed of as many as four generations — and provide care for as many as seven generations. Diversity has been well-established as a strategic advantage for organizations of all kinds, including in the healthcare industry.  [continue reading…]

Five Tips for Addressing Workplace Violence in Healthcare

  Workplace violence is not simply an issue for healthcare organizations. For many, it is the issue. Workplace violence (WPV) enormously impacts mission-critical challenges facing healthcare organizations, such as patient satisfaction, staff retention and recruitment, and payer reimbursement. Workplace violence isn’t unique to healthcare organizations, yet healthcare is far and away more impacted by WPV  [continue reading…]

Dennis J. Kain: Reflections on 50 years in healthcare

  As I retire this month, I can’t help but reminisce on my career in healthcare. First, I am deeply grateful to the thousands of dedicated people who helped educate and collaborate with me since the early 1970s. Overall, my career has two distinct parts, health system leadership and consulting early on, followed by another  [continue reading…]

Sparking Action: From Passive to Active Candidates

  The search for healthcare executive leadership is a nuanced journey. The absence of executive leadership in healthcare organizations can diminish productivity, dampen morale across the leadership and caregiving continuum, and result in missed strategic milestones at pivotal times. Achieving swift and strategic recruitment is paramount. Recruiting executive leaders often presents challenges in both accuracy  [continue reading…]

Five Risks of Hiring the Wrong CIO in Healthcare

As healthcare delivery, reimbursement models, and technology change, the role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a hospital or healthcare organization becomes increasingly important. The CIO used to be thought of as  responsible for keeping an organization’s computers going, but today, the CIO role is a leader who’s responsible for protecting the organization against  [continue reading…]

How Private Equity Healthcare Organizations Are Different

  Healthcare’s unique identity as a recession-proof industry at the forefront of innovation makes it a natural fit for private equity (PE) firms. It’s no surprise that private equity’s presence in healthcare has exploded in the last two decades, having invested nearly $1 trillion in the industry since 2006. However, what stands out even more  [continue reading…]

6 Key Candidate Attributes for Private Equity Healthcare Organizations

  What’s the difference between your expected ROI and a realized loss? Leadership. In private-equity-backed healthcare, success and failure ultimately hinge on leadership and your executive’s ability to carry out a strategic plan. The private-equity-led deal volume has exceeded $750 billion in the last decade alone. As PE-backed investments in healthcare continue, the complexities of  [continue reading…]

Why Passive Candidates are Vital to Healthcare Executive Search

  The traditional method for filling a healthcare executive role follows this process: The role opens and is posted to a handful of industry-specific job boards, often at great expense to the hiring organization Applications flow, or alternatively, trickle in The applications are sorted Interviews take place, the pool is narrowed down, and eventually an  [continue reading…]

How to Overcome the Challenges of Hiring the Right Healthcare CIO

  The Chief Information Officer (CIO) role can be challenging to fill even for the most prestigious healthcare organizations. Navigating the recruitment process for a CIO and other executive level technology leaders within the healthcare sector requires strategic considerations tailored to the industry’s unique demands. Kirby Bates Associates has developed strategies that assure recruitment of  [continue reading…]

Five Challenges to Finding the Right Healthcare CIO

  Healthcare is rapidly changing, as is the technological infrastructure supporting it. As the stakes grow, healthcare organizations depend on their chief information officers (CIOs) and technology leaders more than ever to drive strategic technology roadmaps, optimize electronic health records, maintain information security and regulatory compliance, and leverage their organization’s data to uncover new opportunities.  [continue reading…]

Building a Future-fit Executive Team

As the preeminent professional society for healthcare leaders, ACHE advances healthcare management excellence through education and research. They recently tapped Kirby Bates Senior Vice President of Executive Search Dennis Kain, MHA, FACHE, for his deep insights and decades of successful experience on ‘Building a Future-fit Executive Team’ for the November/December Issue of their journal, Healthcare  [continue reading…]

Not Hiring an Interim Leader? Watch Out for These 3 Risks

  In periods of transition and change, it’s common for healthcare organizations to think they simply need to dig in, cultivate their resilience, and push through. After all, is the cost of engaging an interim leader worth it when your time and resources could be used to identify talent or drive initiatives forward? It’s absolutely  [continue reading…]

What to Know When Hiring a Healthcare CFO

  What is the role of a healthcare CFO? It’s a simple question, but in hospitals and hospital systems across the country, the answer is changing rapidly. As the industry changes and hospital consolidation becomes increasingly common, CFOs have become more involved with organizational strategies of all kinds. A CFO today is not just an  [continue reading…]

Five Signs You Need an Interim Laboratory Consultant

  Labs are integral to exceptional patient care, and in today’s healthcare landscape, the demands on laboratories are greater than ever. Healthcare organizations must balance efficiency and precision while championing the needs of both patients and the laboratory team. Excellence in the lab is a matter of life and death — for patients and organizations.  [continue reading…]

Four Vital Pillars for Effective Leadership in Healthcare Teams

  In the ever-changing world of healthcare, where advancements and challenges intertwine, organizational success hinges on the collaboration of a well-coordinated leadership team. Effective leadership stands at the epicenter of achievement, becoming the driving force that not only achieves organizational goals but also surpasses the multifaceted expectations of diverse stakeholder groups. What enables that level  [continue reading…]

How an Interim Specialty Clinic Director Increased OR Cases by 12%

  Perioperative Services and the clinics that support them can be the highest cost center in a healthcare delivery organization, even while it also represents the most opportunity for sustainable long-term growth—accounting for upwards of 80% of a typical hospital’s revenue. With today’s increased pressure on executive leadership to improve both financial performance and quality scores, there  [continue reading…]

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