Why Compassionate Care in Nursing is So Important and How to Achieve It

  What is Compassionate Care in Nursing? According to a systematic literature review in 2016 published by the National Center for Biotechnology, “Compassion originates as an empathic response to suffering, as a rational process which pursues patients’ wellbeing, through specific, ethical actions directed at finding a solution to their suffering. We therefore define the term  [continue reading…]

Answering Healthcare’s Call to Recruit a Wider Variety of Roles

  The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for healthcare executive leadership to be more closely aligned across clinical and non-clinical domains. As never before, organizations are seeking the clinical, operational and financial insights of experienced executives to inform recruiting across all C-Suite roles. Because Kirby Bates Associates (KBA) is led and operated exclusively by  [continue reading…]

Crisis Does Not Create Leaders, It Reveals Them

  Kirby Bates Associates is sharing another great example of dynamic leadership in action. We invite you to read this moving and instructive story of Laurie, MSN, RN, FACHE, an interim nurse leader navigating COVID-19, uncertainty, and death in the Pacific Northwest. — [Read the Full Story]   Home to the first reported case of  [continue reading…]

5 Self Care Tips to Promote Work Life Balance

  Practicing self care isn’t something taught early on, but rather, a skill acquired later in life. Learning to be kind to yourself is critical, especially for those with demanding occupations. It can be hard to know where to start but finding and maintaining success begins with taking care of yourself. Below are 5 recommended self care  [continue reading…]

It’s here: ACNL Survey Summary

  [Download the ACNL Survey Summary here]   As promised, we are sharing a summary of the survey results from the Leadership & Staffing Survey that was completed by a convenience sample of ACNL attendees. We thank all who participated and hope you find this survey insightful as you plan for the rest of 2019  [continue reading…]

Happy #NursesWeek 2019!

  As experienced nurse leaders, the Kirby Bates team is happy to honor all nurses this week. We’ve asked our leaders to reflect on why they became a nurse, their favorite things about being a nurse, and why they are excited about the future of nursing. Read their answers below and then visit our LinkedIn  [continue reading…]