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Compassion for Nurses AND PATIENTS Multiplied MILLIONS of Times: That is the DAISY Foundation

Compassion for Nurse and Patients: The Daisy Foundation

2017 will be the FOURTH YEAR that KBA will serve as a PROUD INDUSTRY PARTNER of the amazing DAISY ORGANIZATION celebrating extraordinary nurses, and exponentially, millions of patients.

The DAISY Award Today
“We never imagined when we created this program in 1999 that today, there would be over 2,300 healthcare facilities in all 50 states and 14 other countries, committed to honoring nurses with The DAISY Award. The strategic impact of the program on nurses and their organizations is deep, affecting nurses’ job satisfaction, retention, teamwork, pride, organizational culture, healthy work environment, and more.”

– Mark and Bonnie Barnes, Co-Founders, Chairman & President

Last year at this time, I wrote about the history of The DAISY Foundation and why KBA continues to support this amazing organization. Our KBA team is honored to continue to support The DAISY Foundation as they continue to grow and expand to new heights, impacting thousands of nurses and millions of patients.
A conservative estimate is that DAISY impacts over 800,000 nurses and nearly 43 million patients every year in the US and abroad.

The impact of compassionate care being delivered in DAISY organizations is truly remarkable.  The following numbers are a very conservative estimate of the monumental breadth and reach of DAISY. (The figures are not based on actual data other than the number of DAISY organizations, but they are considered reasonable estimates).


In keeping current with changes within healthcare organizations, DAISY has initiated new recognition programs in 2016.  Three examples are shared below, however, there are many more illustrations found on the DAISY website,
1.    New DAISY Award Announced for Patient Flow Nurses
Behind the scenes, nurses who ensure that patients are not waiting in EDs for beds and who facilitate the flow of patients around hospitals are making a significant difference in the patient experience. DAISY has established a new recognition program for these unsung, behind the scenes nurses, The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in Patient Flow. Thank you TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. for sponsoring this special new honor for nurses.
2.  DAISY Award Nurse Leaders
As the healthcare landscape becomes more complex there are significantly increasing demands on Nurse Leaders.  DAISY believes that those who create the environment of compassion and recognition for others strongly deserve to be recognized themselves.  With recognition, they demonstrate value as models of outstanding nursing leadership.  Members of our KBA team, Karen Kirby, President and CEO, and Doris Sinkevich, EVP, Interim Services, were proud to attend the Inaugural Nurse Leader Award ceremony at Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital along with Mark and Bonnie Barnes in Boston in September of 2016.  As former Chief Nursing Executives, Karen and Doris truly understand and appreciate the significance of this leadership award.
dccs-daisy-picture-33.  DAISY’s First White Paper Released:

“Inspiring Nurses to See the Extraordinary in their Ordinary” 

Co-authored by Bonnie Barnes and Cynthia Sweeny of the DAISY Foundation along with Mary Koloroutis, MSN, RN, CEO of Creative Health Care Management, this white paper inspires nurses to see what patients and families see in nurses – extraordinary human connections who make a tremendous difference in their care.