Executive Coaching Tips: Successful First Impressions

Executive Coaching Tips for Nurse Leaders

First impressions are lasting impressions.  The initial first seven seconds of any new encounter make a mark on how you are perceived by those with whom you are interacting.  You consider dress, grooming, posture and non-verbal indicators in preparing for that first encounter. But did you ever stop to consider how to ensure the initial first impression continues to imprint your personae with others well after the initial interaction is concluded?

The best indicator of success is a favorable perception that will ultimately lead to the establishment of a lasting and rewarding relationship, whether it be in a networking session, a meeting presentation or during a crucial job interview.

So here are a few tips on how to keep that impression active well after the initial encounter:

Do Your Homework
Understand your audience and the contributions those individuals you will be meeting with have made to the work community.  Doing background investigations via Goggle or LinkedIn can strengthen your understanding of key stakeholders’ affiliations and career progression as well as give you a sense as to their personal motivators.
Leverage Connections
Learn if you have existing connections with the individuals you will be meeting, whether through alumni associations, professional organizations, or shared colleagues and connections.  Three degrees of separation is truly a valid phenomenon, particularly in healthcare.Know The Culture
Third, gain a better understating of the organizational culture.  Learn if this work place and its leaders support rapid change initiatives or if there is a planned and purposeful assessment already in the pipeline.  Is succession planning and leader potential supported in a formal fashion?  And ultimately, how are decisions made.  This will let you know if autonomy and support are transformational in nature or more transactual based.

Understand  Expectations
It is important to be aware as to what key stakeholders are expecting from you.  What contributions have you made to past organizations and where do you see your current expertise aiding the organization in achieving its mission and goals?

Let Yourself Shine
Never be afraid to offer information that will clarify who you are as a professional. Don’t come on too strong but don’t hold back.  Objective clarification is one element of professional acumen greatly appreciated by busy executives.
Remember, the goal is to keep that first impression lasting and favorable.  Now get on out there and do it!
Pamela DeCampli MSN, RN, NEA-BC,
Executive Vice President and Certified Coach
As the Executive Vice President for Value Added Services at Kirby Bates Associates, Pam leads the consulting and coaching service lines. She is a skilled professional, certified coach, and is frequently engaged to mentor and coach healthcare leaders.

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Phone: 610-898-3354