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Interim Leadership for Healthcare Organizations

When the planned or unplanned departure of a vital leader occurs, partnering with Kirby Bates Associates for Interim Leadership is always a great solution. Interim leaders provide outstanding value and often come to the rescue for organizations at critical times.

A key question that is often raised by an organization is, “Can we really afford to bring on an interim leader?”

We at KBA would suggest that the better question to be asked is,
“Can we afford not to bring on an interim leader?”

Value can be defined as the outcome that is gained from the right balance of achieving desired quality with affordable cost. The “Value” of interim leaders is evidenced through the deliverables most commonly produced including:
  • Maintaining focus and high expectations on financial targets and key metrics such as HCAHPS scores, quality measures, and fiscal measures
  • Keeping an organization or department on target with its key organizational initiatives
  • Sustaining presence and visibility of leadership after the departure of a key leader
  • Keeping employees informed and engaged
  • Bringing a fresh approach along with a successful track record from other diverse hospital settings
  • Supporting the hospital while a thoughtful, methodical search is underway for a permanent leader
  • Supporting the hospital from stretching current leadership too thin
  • Actively supporting onboarding strategies ensuring success for the new permanent leader
Partnering with KBA Interim Leadership Services delivers the best of balance in quality and cost and supports an organization in achieving its key goals without missing a beat. The KBA transparent interim services model provides an organization with a highly valued resource along with demonstrating exactly how dollars are being expended.  KBA provides the highest ROI in partnering with an organization to provide uninterrupted leadership skill and talent.
Doris leads Kirby Bates Interim Leadership Services. She is an accomplished healthcare executive, bringing over 30 years of nursing and healthcare leadership experience to her responsibilities. Her previous roles as a CNO, COO, and regional senior healthcare executive have encompassed acute care, behavioral health, and long-term acute care settings including public and private hospitals, for-profit organizations and private industry.  SEE DORIS’ PROFILE

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