Kirby Bates Associated Named One of Philadelphia’s Top Executive Recruiting Firms for 2024

Kirby Bates Associates is proud to be named to the Top Executive Recruiters Retained Search Firm list by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2024. Over the past 35 years, Kirby Bates has grown into a national force in healthcare leadership consulting, evolving into a full-service executive consultancy that serves the diverse leadership needs of modern  [continue reading…]

Sparking Action: From Passive to Active Candidates

  The search for healthcare executive leadership is a nuanced journey. The absence of executive leadership in healthcare organizations can diminish productivity, dampen morale across the leadership and caregiving continuum, and result in missed strategic milestones at pivotal times. Achieving swift and strategic recruitment is paramount. Recruiting executive leaders often presents challenges in both accuracy  [continue reading…]

Five Risks of Hiring the Wrong CIO in Healthcare

As healthcare delivery, reimbursement models, and technology change, the role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in a hospital or healthcare organization becomes increasingly important. The CIO used to be thought of as  responsible for keeping an organization’s computers going, but today, the CIO role is a leader who’s responsible for protecting the organization against  [continue reading…]

How to Overcome the Challenges of Hiring the Right Healthcare CIO

  The Chief Information Officer (CIO) role can be challenging to fill even for the most prestigious healthcare organizations. Navigating the recruitment process for a CIO and other executive level technology leaders within the healthcare sector requires strategic considerations tailored to the industry’s unique demands. Kirby Bates Associates has developed strategies that assure recruitment of  [continue reading…]

Five Challenges to Finding the Right Healthcare CIO

  Healthcare is rapidly changing, as is the technological infrastructure supporting it. As the stakes grow, healthcare organizations depend on their chief information officers (CIOs) and technology leaders more than ever to drive strategic technology roadmaps, optimize electronic health records, maintain information security and regulatory compliance, and leverage their organization’s data to uncover new opportunities.  [continue reading…]

How to Stand Out as an Internal Candidate

As care delivery organizations continue to tread uncertain waters, C-suites across the nation remain in flux with retirements, reductions in force, and elimination of roles. This dynamic environment also represents an opportunity for emerging leaders. Often an internal candidate is found to be the strongest for the role.   The American College of Healthcare Executives  [continue reading…]

Avoiding the Pitfalls: Interview Process For Healthcare Leadership

The success of any healthcare organization starts with the leadership team. This can be particularly complex in times of transition, during which myriad dynamics — relationships, priorities, and structures — are subject to change.  The “great resignation” is further shrinking an already-tight market for top-level talent in the healthcare industry, making it all the more  [continue reading…]

Getting the Most Out of an Executive Search: 12 Best Practices for Healthcare Executives

  One of the most crucial responsibilities of healthcare executives is selecting the mission-critical leadership team. While having the right talent has always been important, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has placed an increased emphasis on conducting an expeditious search for the nation’s top talent. COVID-19 has accelerated everything—including senior leaders retiring early. Balancing an organization’s  [continue reading…]

Recruiting for Critical Roles During the COVID-19 Crisis

  Filling mission critical roles during the pandemic is essential – yet traditional recruitment processes have been suspended. With social distancing, healthcare organizations must employ creative ways to recruit, interview and fill necessary roles. Since many leaders are redeployed to command centers, testing sites  and other roles on the frontline, bringing critical talent on board  [continue reading…]

What Our Clients Say: KBA Executive Search

  Finding top leadership talent in all areas of healthcare is increasingly difficult – and nursing is certainly no exception. Upfront evaluation of organizational needs and stakeholder consensus can save time and money and builds team engagement. For more than 30 years, Kirby Bates Associates has provided cost-effective solutions for healthcare clients seeking exceptional leaders and  [continue reading…]