Managing Multigenerational Teams in Healthcare

  Healthcare organizations are leading increasingly diverse teams, and age is one element of that diversity. Today, healthcare organizations are composed of as many as four generations — and provide care for as many as seven generations. Diversity has been well-established as a strategic advantage for organizations of all kinds, including in the healthcare industry.  [continue reading…]

Five Tips for Addressing Workplace Violence in Healthcare

  Workplace violence is not simply an issue for healthcare organizations. For many, it is the issue. Workplace violence (WPV) enormously impacts mission-critical challenges facing healthcare organizations, such as patient satisfaction, staff retention and recruitment, and payer reimbursement. Workplace violence isn’t unique to healthcare organizations, yet healthcare is far and away more impacted by WPV  [continue reading…]

5 Skills for Children’s Hospital Leadership

It takes a special type of person to be a successful children’s hospital leader. In addition to their clinical expertise, healthcare professionals who specialize in children’s care have a distinct set of interpersonal skills that position them to successfully navigate the particular challenges associated with caring for sick children and their families.  1. Compassion First  [continue reading…]