Career Advice for Private Equity Healthcare Candidates

  The healthcare industry stands alone. Not only is it at the leading edge of innovation and technology, it’s also truly recession proof. These two factors — and enormous opportunities for improvement — have contributed to the industry drawing in nearly $1 trillion in private equity investments in the last two decades. Private equity (PE)  [continue reading…]

Healthcare Private Equity Trends and Challenges in 2024

  The last four years have ushered in a new paradigm of healthcare deliveries and corporate structures, with a dramatic surge and fall in healthcare private equity (PE) deal value and volumes. According to Troy Keach, Kirby Bates Associates Vice President of Executive Search, “Private equity firms are increasingly interested in the healthcare sector and  [continue reading…]

How Private Equity Healthcare Organizations Are Different

  Healthcare’s unique identity as a recession-proof industry at the forefront of innovation makes it a natural fit for private equity (PE) firms. It’s no surprise that private equity’s presence in healthcare has exploded in the last two decades, having invested nearly $1 trillion in the industry since 2006. However, what stands out even more  [continue reading…]

6 Key Candidate Attributes for Private Equity Healthcare Organizations

  What’s the difference between your expected ROI and a realized loss? Leadership. In private-equity-backed healthcare, success and failure ultimately hinge on leadership and your executive’s ability to carry out a strategic plan. The private-equity-led deal volume has exceeded $750 billion in the last decade alone. As PE-backed investments in healthcare continue, the complexities of  [continue reading…]

5 Key Reasons Why Recruiting Leaders for Private Equity-backed Healthcare Organizations is Different

Recruiting leaders for private equity-backed healthcare organizations can present unique challenges and considerations compared to recruiting for other types of companies and healthcare delivery organizations.  “Over the years, I have found that executives with PE and VC experience are critical to the success of an organization,” says Troy Keach, vice president of executive search and  [continue reading…]