Healthcare Private Equity Trends and Challenges in 2024

  The last four years have ushered in a new paradigm of healthcare deliveries and corporate structures, with a dramatic surge and fall in healthcare private equity (PE) deal value and volumes. According to Troy Keach, Kirby Bates Associates Vice President of Executive Search, “Private equity firms are increasingly interested in the healthcare sector and  [continue reading…]

Sparking Action: From Passive to Active Candidates

  The search for healthcare executive leadership is a nuanced journey. The absence of executive leadership in healthcare organizations can diminish productivity, dampen morale across the leadership and caregiving continuum, and result in missed strategic milestones at pivotal times. Achieving swift and strategic recruitment is paramount. Recruiting executive leaders often presents challenges in both accuracy  [continue reading…]

Why Passive Candidates are Vital to Healthcare Executive Search

  The traditional method for filling a healthcare executive role follows this process: The role opens and is posted to a handful of industry-specific job boards, often at great expense to the hiring organization Applications flow, or alternatively, trickle in The applications are sorted Interviews take place, the pool is narrowed down, and eventually an  [continue reading…]

Five Challenges to Finding the Right Healthcare CIO

  Healthcare is rapidly changing, as is the technological infrastructure supporting it. As the stakes grow, healthcare organizations depend on their chief information officers (CIOs) and technology leaders more than ever to drive strategic technology roadmaps, optimize electronic health records, maintain information security and regulatory compliance, and leverage their organization’s data to uncover new opportunities.  [continue reading…]

5 Key Reasons Why Recruiting Leaders for Private Equity-backed Healthcare Organizations is Different

Recruiting leaders for private equity-backed healthcare organizations can present unique challenges and considerations compared to recruiting for other types of companies and healthcare delivery organizations.  “Over the years, I have found that executives with PE and VC experience are critical to the success of an organization,” says Troy Keach, vice president of executive search and  [continue reading…]

Answering Healthcare’s Call to Recruit a Wider Variety of Roles

  The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for healthcare executive leadership to be more closely aligned across clinical and non-clinical domains. As never before, organizations are seeking the clinical, operational and financial insights of experienced executives to inform recruiting across all C-Suite roles. Because Kirby Bates Associates (KBA) is led and operated exclusively by  [continue reading…]

Succession Planning in Healthcare: When to Do it & How to Do it Well

  Healthcare leaders and board members alike agree that succession planning is important, but few organizations actually begin the process or do it consistently or efficiently.  Many leaders find succession planning daunting, uncomfortable for themselves and they fail to appoint someone to lead the charge. What some healthcare leaders don’t understand is that a failure  [continue reading…]