Finding a Short Term Leader

Kirby Bates Associates is a national firm specializing in nursing executive retained search, interim management, coaching and consulting services. We have been owned and operated by nursing executives since our founding in 1988. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations deliver high quality, cost effective patient care by shaping exceptional nursing teams ? one leader at a time.
Our interim nurse leaders are prepared to “hit the ground running” and provide value added services from day one. They are adept at implementing difficult changes and assisting organizations prepare for a new leader. They typically remain on board until a project is completed, or a permanent placement is hired. They assist in orienting the permanent placement, or they can play a vital role in developing and coaching internal candidates for permanent placement.

Highlights of what you can expect from Kirby Bates Associates are as follows:

  • We take the time to understand your organization and the position so that we can properly address your needs.
  • We develop mutually agreed upon deliverables for each engagement.
  • We match candidates with clients using an extensive database of exceptionally qualified nurse leaders.
  • We carefully screen all interim candidates and provide a comprehensive presentation of their qualifications and references.
  • We provide continuous monitoring and support to the interim nurse leader to ensure successful completion of each assignment.
  • Our interim nurse leaders are hired and paid directly by your organization as either a temporary employee or as an independent contractor.
  • Our fee for placing an interim nurse leader is typically $15,000 per quarter, paid at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Our interim nurse leader salaries are based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, and typical salaries for the position and geographic region, PLUS an additional 20 to 25 percent premium for not receiving benefits associated with full time employment.
  • We strive to place interim nurse leaders who live relatively close to your location, but often that is not possible. Interim nurse leaders who need to travel require expense reimbursement for housing, travel to and from their home every two weeks, local transportation, and incidental expenses. These expenses are paid directly by your organization.
  • Our interim nurse leaders expect a minimum engagement of three months with automatic renewal on a monthly basis unless terminated by either party with 30 days notice.

Whether on the administrative or patient care side of the organization, Kirby Bates Associates interim leaders bring excellent experience, mentoring skills, thoughtful leadership and critical thinking to the table. Our interim leaders are organizational veterans who provide day to day management expertise, are accountable for project timelines and budgets, can control and direct resources, deliver high level problem solving, and are able to enforce standard operating procedures when needed. Our leaders are open to working across departments to consult on various interdisciplinary issues and are ready to institute survey readiness teams to liaise with regulatory bodies. Kirby Bates Associates interim leaders can also guide an enterprise through an expansion, acquisition, or merger.

Whether you have a crucial vacancy requiring an interim solution while a permanent candidate is being sought, or a need to fill a Manager or Director on extended leave, or have a specific need to develop current staff into future leaders, Kirby Bates Associates interim candidates are a cost effective solution.