How an Interim Specialty Clinic Director Increased OR Cases by 12%


Perioperative Services and the clinics that support them can be the highest cost center in a healthcare delivery organization, even while it also represents the most opportunity for sustainable long-term growth—accounting for upwards of 80% of a typical hospital’s revenue.

With today’s increased pressure on executive leadership to improve both financial performance and quality scores, there is great interest in understanding gaps in performance and opportunities to improve efficiency. The Outpatient Services-Specialty Clinic for this West Coast community hospital and level II trauma center recognized an opportunity to improve performance by engaging an experienced Interim Director to assess, prioritize, and optimize operations.

An image representing three key areas of operation optimization: workflow, clinic environment, and technology.

The highly experienced and credentialed interim leader that Kirby Bates provided quickly identified opportunities to standardize and modernize the clinic to improve patient safety and satisfaction, staff engagement, and provider experience. The Kirby Bates Interim Director collaborated with colleagues and community agencies to implement key initiatives in workflow, clinic environment, and technology.

The Kirby Bates interim leader’s results indicate strong gains in efficiency with significantly fewer canceled and no-show appointments and, importantly, enviable gains in OR cases completed by specialty surgeons.

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