Avoid The “Tyranny Of The Urgent” With An Interim Leader For Your Children’s Hospital That Affords You Time

So you won’t regret a hasty and costly decision 6 months from now.

Gain the advantage of a seasoned veteran in the midst of staffing shortages who has a proven track record, lacks historical baggage that can come from within, and will bring rational calm to your environment while they support the unique ethic and goals present in a Children’s Hospital.

Gain long-term stability even during transitions

93% of our candidates are still retained after 3 years

Healthcare is in a constant state of transformation as it responds to the evolving needs of patients, communities, and innovations.

We identify leaders who are flexible, results-oriented, growth-minded, and effective in the midst of ambiguities that arise from these evolutions so your children’s hospital doesn’t fall behind or fail to meet its goals during an executive transition, a financial recovery, or as it maps out a new strategic goal as you pilot a new role.

Our first-hand clinical, financial, and operational experience is your peace of mind and your patients’

We target key competencies in leadership that can build a team culture that wins in the shifting paradigm of healthcare as value-based care, accessibility, pricing transparency, and tech-enabled services continue to change the landscape.

At the center, with children's susceptibility trauma and their family’s eagerness to mitigate it, we identify leaders who can champion a positive experience that brings peace of mind to your patients.

92% of our clients return for multiple engagements

Our 360-degree approach supports children's hospitals in building strategic leadership teams:

  • Executive Search
  • Interim Leadership
  • Executive Advisory Services