KBA Expands Interim Services – Meeting The Demand For Top Quality Short-Term Leaders

In August 2014, Kirby Bates Associates embarked on a new initiative to expand its interim services offerings. We wanted to respond to the growing demand for short-term nursing leaders who could come in quickly and provide top quality leadership in a variety of clinical areas.  Two key market forces behind this need include the retirement of long term, seasoned leaders and the reluctance of Gen Xers to step into leadership positions due to work-life balance concerns and perceived salary inequities. Additionally, many organizations are looking to right size their workforce and are seeking a flexible, seasoned, transitional leader who can deal with the ambiguity while stabilizing the environment.

Our interim nurse leaders are prepared to “hit the ground running” and provide value added services from day one. They are adept at implementing difficult changes and assisting organizations prepare for a new leader. They typically remain on board until a project is completed, or a permanent placement is hired. They assist in orienting the permanent placement, or they can play a vital role in developing and coaching internal candidates for permanent placement.

Whether on the administrative or patient care side of the organization, Kirby Bates interim leaders bring excellent experience, mentoring skills, thoughtful leadership and critical thinking to the table. Our interim leaders are organizational veterans who provide day to day management expertise and solution driven accountability. They are open to working across departments to consult on various interdisciplinary issues and they are ready to institute survey readiness teams to liaise with regulatory bodies. Kirby Bates interim leaders can also guide an enterprise through an expansion, acquisition, or merger.

Whether you have a crucial vacancy requiring an interim solution while a permanent candidate is being sought; or a need to fill a Manager, Director or Executive on extended leave; or have a specific need to develop current staff into future leaders; Kirby Bates interim candidates are a cost effective solution. We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization to build a high performing, results oriented team. The Kirby Bates team will be emailing regular updates on available interim leaders to keep you informed of existing candidates for consideration in meeting your organizational needs.