Keep Your Horizon Bright

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Expansion of Coaching Services

Adroit leaders frequently seek professional expansion opportunities that not only support development and growth but also networking prospects.  Every leader understands that not all career journeys are predictable and some include course correction along the way further expanding learning, resilience, and adaptation.

Exploring options and discovering new professional possibilities can be an exhilarating process that rejuvenates the attainment of personal milestones and supports the creation of a foundational career vision. In understanding these concepts, Kirby Bates Associates is expanding its offering of coaching bench strength branching out the portfolio of coaches to better match the needs of future and current patient care leaders.  We understand that not one singular coaching service meets the needs of all.

To best serve our clients, KBA has developed a consortium of coaches that will round out the KBA bench strength in the areas of Board development, CEO coaching, COO coaching, C-Suite relationships, and specific service line development.
As always, Kirby Bates will continue to offer nursing cohort leadership and CNO coaching programming. Stay tuned to learn more about our expanded coaching services and meet our new coaching consultants.
Keep your horizons bright and your future promising – explore personal coaching services as a great option in creating a truly attainable career vision.  ​