For the first time in decades, the American College of Healthcare Executives 2021 survey reported that hospital CEOs listed personnel shortages as their number one concern.  

Jocelyn Clarke, Assistant Vice President of Executive Search Services at interim leadership and executive search firm Kirby Bates Associates, recently surveyed nurse executives and human resources leaders from a diverse mix of health systems across the country to learn how they approached the challenges associated with personnel shortages. She was then invited by the Association of Healthcare Human Resources Professionals (ASHHRA) to present her findings at their 2022 annual conference.  

During a series of interviews, Clarke listened to triumphs and failures across the spectrum. She realized how much more could be learned collectively if healthcare industry leaders shared their experiences openly and more frequently. 

This report shares those insights while also providing encouragement and assurance that no healthcare leadership team is alone in the workforce challenges that they face.

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