Cost-effective skill development
Set your newly appointed leaders on a path to success with critical competency and skills development.
Build a team that’s ready to take on new leadership roles as they become available.
Position your organization to be ready for growth.

A core belief at Kirby Bates Associates is that healthcare teams become exceptional when they have exceptional leaders. Our clients believe that too, which is why they contract with us to search for permanent or interim leaders when a need arises. We developed our Leadership Coaching practice because we also believe organizations often overlook a far more cost-effective approach: developing internal talent.

The cost of coaching to prepare talented individuals for leadership positions is a bottom-line bargain compared with the cost of recruitment and interim placements to fill vacancies. Can anyone say that more convincingly than a company deriving most of its revenue from executive search and interim placements?

A coaching engagement typically lasts four months:

  • An on-site assessment, including competency validation
  • A formal agreement between the coach and coachee to work together on clarifying goals, setting priorities, developing strategies, creating action plans, staying focused and productive, tracking progress and measuring results
  • Confidential coaching sessions conducted in person, by phone or in web-based meetings
  • Structured learning opportunities as well as real-time exploration of challenges that arise
  • On-going periodic support after the conclusion of the engagement