Interim Nurse Leader Guides Facility Out of COVID-19 Nightmare

In mid-April, a small post-acute facility in a large Southeast city saw its first positive cases of COVID-19. A week later, the Department of Health, assisted by the National Guard, tested all residents and staff.

Out of the 204 residents and staff tested, 104 residents and 21 staff members were positive. One resident and one member of the staff had already died as a result of the virus. This facility needed fresh leadership to stop the spread.

Within a week of the call, Kirby Bates Interim Nurse Leader Mary Hidalgo, MSN, RN, was on the scene to navigate the facility through the pandemic.

“The situation was unprecedented, and many of the facility’s leaders were absent. No one knew what to do,” she explains. “I was there to help them get through it.”

Mary was tasked with leading a COVID-ravaged facility through complex circumstances. Her first step was getting buy-in from the other stakeholders. How did she do it?

Read Mary’s inspirational story and learn how her unique skill set in emergency preparedness eventually brought the facility to zero COVID-19 cases.

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