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Finding the Right Fit: A Consultative Approach to Search

Executive search for a new healthcare leader is an opportunity to advance an organization’s mission and strategy. The right fit means the new executive’s contribution will further the organization’s strategic position.

The Perfect Fit
There’s more to finding the ideal candidate than simply finding the right skill set. Your organization needs help finding the individual who not only can bring all the required skills to the table, but also fits the dynamics of your executive team and board members, as well as your unique organizational culture. By developing an in-depth understanding of each organization and matching a candidate’s talents, style and experience, KBA has an excellent track record for finding that candidate who is the perfect fit.

The Consultative Approach

Leading edge healthcare organizations partner with Kirby Bates Associates to recruit for mission critical leaders because our Consultative Model offers a greater return on their investment.

The KBA team brings:

  • Firsthand CNO and COO experience that provides contemporary knowledge of the changing healthcare environment.
  • Understanding of the changing relationships, structures, boundaries, and expectations in healthcare organizations.
  • Appreciation of the skills essential to effectively lead change in this demanding environment.
  • Ability to help redesign infrastructure, define roles and clarify essential skills and competencies.
  • National relationships that ensure the reach for top talent and the knowledge of emerging trends.

KBA’s nationally recognized experts ensure an informed, Consultative Approach to recruiting contemporary leaders who are the right fit for your organization’s needs and challenges.

M. Jane Fitzsimmons, MSN, RN
Executive Vice President, Search Services
With more than thirty years of diverse healthcare leadership experience, Jane has expertise in executive search, leadership, and consulting. She has successfully managed executive and senior leadership searches for a broad range of healthcare organizations and systems across the country.