Inspiring Compassionate Care

How Nurse Leaders Inspire Compassionate Care

In the constantly evolving world of healthcare delivery, what never changes is the central importance of skillful and compassionate care giving at the patient’s bedside.

As leaders we want to facilitate that excellence in care giving, but it’s not always clear how.

We asked Nurse Leaders from all across the country during the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Annual Meeting, from all types of hospitals, from academia to industry, to share their insights, observations, and pearls of wisdom on the best ways that Nurse Leaders can work toward #InspiringCompassionateCare.

One theme repeated: Compassionate care is critical for success in nursing – compassionate care for both patients and teammates alike. As nursing leaders, the best way to inspire compassionate care is to model and encourage compassionate care.

When nurses feel that they are cared for, they in turn take care of their teammates and take care of patients.

Fifty years ago, I began my career in nursing so I could help people – to help patients and to help other nurses. In my current role at Kirby Bates, I still feel that I am in patient care – in service to patients because we serve the nurses that care for them.

That makes a big difference to all of us former CNOs at Kirby Bates.

Watch the videos now featuring these Nurse Leaders:

Elizabeth Madigan & Joy Parchment

Bob Dent

Cynthia Sweeney & Karen Kirby

Roy Simpson, Karen Flaherty-Oxler, & Rhonda Anderson

Karen Kirby, Doris Sinkevich, & Jane Fitzsimmons

Donna Richardson & Franklin Shaffer

Joy Parchment & Doris Sinkevich

Cynthia Sweeney, Elizabeth Madigan, & Susan Lantz

Karlene Kerfoot & Kathleen Ann Michel

Karen Flaherty-Oxler & Susan Lantz

Susan Lantz & Jane Fitzsimmons

Joy Parchment & Doris Sinkevich