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KBA Solutions to Over-Stretched Leadership

Departures of Key Nursing Leaders

In the current fast-paced health care environment, the departure of a key nursing leader, particularly an unplanned one, leaves an organization with a major void. With the average time that it takes to fill a key leadership role ranging anywhere from 6 to 12 months, it is essential that the organizational agenda continues uninterrupted and on track.

Filling a key role by stretching internal existing leaders is very often a regrettable choice. Current lean staffing trends make it nearly impossible for internal resources to perform significant expansion of duties effectively.

Even the best leaders can become over extended with responsibilities where quality suffers, engagement diminishes, and the frustration in performing ineffectively is overwhelmingly defeating. Stretching current leadership talent to the breaking point can be short-sighted and is not an effective solution.

Bringing in an external interim nursing leader through Kirby Bates Associates is the solution with the very best possible outcome.

An external interim through KBA:

  • Brings a fresh approach and often added depth of experience from many other diverse settings
  • Utilizes traditional interim management strategies along with consulting methodologies to ensure a value-added engagement
  • Brings a strong and unencumbered focus on what the organization wants to achieve through the engagement deliverables
  • Maintains focus and high priority on both financial and quality targets
  • Stands front and center in making and implementing difficult decisions
  • Sustains the presence and visibility of leadership and the support of the existing leadership team after the departure of a key leader
  • Does the “heavy lifting” required to better position the organization for a new permanent leader
Kirby Bates Associates provides efficient and seamless transitions with Interim Nursing Leaders who are prepared to hit the ground running and provide expert service immediately upon arrival. Demonstrating an outstanding track record and high level of client satisfaction, KBA engagements achieve the organization’s agenda and goals while supporting the current leaders’ continued success.

Doris leads Kirby Bates Interim Leadership Services. She is an accomplished healthcare executive, bringing over 30 years of nursing and healthcare leadership experience to her responsibilities. Her previous roles as a CNO, COO, and regional senior healthcare executive have encompassed acute care, behavioral health, and long-term acute care settings including public and private hospitals, for-profit organizations and private industry.

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