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Home Grown Leadership

Growing Executive Nurse Leaders from Within

If you have ever shopped at a farmer’s market, you’ll understand that the best produce is home grown. These experienced gardeners will tell you what makes their crops flourish; it all comes down to preparing the ground last autumn.  The hard work that was done “out of season” pays dividends many times over with a plentiful next harvest.

The Best Leadership is Home Grown
Much like a local garden, the best leadership is cultivated from within its own organization. Successful organizations are constantly developing up and coming talent, preparing them to be ready to step into expanded leadership positions when the need arises. These leaders make a smooth and simple transition as they have mastered a deep knowledge of the organization’s goals, systems, and workflow while requiring minimal onboarding to begin making an impact.

Is Your Garden Growing? ​

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do your newly appointed Nurse Managers have the array of skills they need to be successful leaders?
  • When a Director moves up or out, do you have several talented Nurse Managers to consider for the job?
  • If your Chief Nursing Officer were to leave, do you have a Director ready to take the top seat?

If you only wish you could say yes to these questions, you probably haven’t engaged a professional Leadership Coach.

Kirby Bates Associates offers a top notch proven Leadership Coaching practice. Organizations often overlook the benefits of developing internal talent for succession planning and organizational effectiveness. We assist the organizational in assessing, validating and developing an individuals’ talent so that future leaders gain the skills and self-knowledge to develop a personal leadership style that aligns with the organization’s needs.

Call Kirby Bates Associates to learn more about how we can serve as a single source for all of your leadership challenges. We will help you grow an exceptional team of healthcare leaders…one leader at a time.

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Pamela DeCampli MSN, RN, NEA-BC,
Executive Vice President and Certified Coach

As the Executive Vice President for Value Added Services at Kirby Bates Associates, Pam leads the consulting and coaching service lines. She is a skilled professional, certified coach, and is frequently engaged to mentor and coach healthcare leaders.

Contact Pam:
Phone: 610-898-3354