69% of Global Firms Plan for Leadership Coaching in 2018 – Should You?

  Developing internal talent is one of the most cost-effective approaches to developing high performing leaders at all levels within healthcare organizations. While classes or seminars provide generalized guidance for some employees, they may not be the most effective approach for leadership development. One-on-one leadership coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual and the opportunities within the  [continue reading…]

Inspiring Compassionate Care

How Nurse Leaders Inspire Compassionate Care In the constantly evolving world of healthcare delivery, what never changes is the central importance of skillful and compassionate care giving at the patient’s bedside. As leaders we want to facilitate that excellence in care giving, but it’s not always clear how. We asked Nurse Leaders from all across  [continue reading…]

Why You Should Consider Using a Professional Coach

Using a Professional Coach What would you think if during a review a supervisor said, “You could benefit from having a professional coach”? In days past, this statement would bring heart palpitations to emerging leaders and seasoned executives alike, whose first thoughts might be that they were failing, performing poorly, or heading down the road of being  [continue reading…]

Top 5 Trends for Healthcare

Top 5 Trends for Healthcare As the initial two months of the new year are already in the rearview mirror, five trends are emerging from the headlines to form the 2018 healthcare agenda: The opioid crisis Social determinants of health Healthcare reform Patient experience Leadership alignment Top Healthcare Trends: 1. Tackling the opioid crisis –  [continue reading…]

New Year- New Aspirations

New Year Aspirations The new year brings a time for contemplation and reflection.   For many, these reflections are met with resolutions and plans to achieve success in the future.   What Inhibits Success? It is good to be able to recognize, articulate and utilize your strengths. However, it is also important to understand where  [continue reading…]

Exceptional Leadership Opportunity

Leadership Opportunity for AONE & AHA Kirby Bates Associates is honored to conduct the search to recruit the CNO/CEO for the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) and the American Hospital Association (AHA). As reflected in the title, the role has dual responsibility as the CEO for AONE and as the CNO for AHA. The  [continue reading…]

Gaining a New Perspective

There is an old adage that nurses make the worst patients. I recently had the experience of “trading places” by being a patient at a community hospital just south of Boston. With many decades as a nursing and hospital administrator under my belt, I can tell you that this was both a challenging and enlightening  [continue reading…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kirby Bates Associates has many things to be thankful for, but at the top of our list is our cherished clients, candidates, and colleagues. Thank you for your support and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! 

Tailored Coaching to Meet Every Leaders Needs

Tailored Executive Coaching Services No two members of your team are the same.  What motivates one could cause another to falter.  If your goal is to develop a dynamic leadership team, then forgo the cookie-cutter coaching approach and engage experts who provide tailor-made coaching programs focused on individualized learning and mentoring needs. Kirby Bates’ expert panel of coaches  [continue reading…]

The Next Generation in Workforce Solutions is Here

Next Generation in Workforce Solutions. Is your organization ready to get disruptive? As nursing executives working with organizations across the country, we know first-hand the challenges many organizations are facing in getting a sufficient supply of high-quality contingent staff (i.e. travel nurses) when they need them. That is why we are so pleased to share  [continue reading…]

What’s Your Story?

Kirby Bates helps to make success stories happen.  Every healthcare organization has its own unique story.  As they work diligently to serve the needs of their communities, each day turns a new page filled with challenges and successes.  Intertwined within many organizations’ narrative lies a common key element, Kirby Bates Associates (KBA) Executive Search.  KBA is  [continue reading…]

Choices for Expert Interim Leaders from KBA

Interim Nurse Leaders Have Flexible Options Kirby Bates Associates is pleased to offer flexible options as you choose your preferred method of securing outstanding KBA interim nursing leaders. What is best for you? We are all about client choice when it comes to needs and selection for seasoned interim nursing leaders. Kirby Bates is pleased  [continue reading…]

Happy Labor Day

To our clients, friends, and colleagues:   We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday!   

Keep Your Horizon Bright

Expansion of Coaching Services Adroit leaders frequently seek professional expansion opportunities that not only support development and growth but also networking prospects.  Every leader understands that not all career journeys are predictable and some include course correction along the way further expanding learning, resilience, and adaptation. Exploring options and discovering new professional possibilities can be  [continue reading…]

Happy July 4th from KBA

To our clients, friends, and colleagues: We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday!     

Kirby Bates Announces New Affiliation

Kirby Bates Associates Announces New Affiliation We at Kirby Bates Associates are singing because we are now part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies.  Founded by healthcare innovator, Richard L. Jackson, Jackson Healthcare is built on a simple idea — that talented professionals with a shared purpose can improve the lives of patients, families,  [continue reading…]

Happy Memorial Day!

KBA Remembers the selfless, brave and compassionate nurses who have gone before us. May our work be a memorial to their legacy.  Hear my prayer in silence before thee As I ask for courage each day. Grant that I be worthy of the sacred pledge of my profession And the lives of those entrusted in my  [continue reading…]

KBA Interim Leaders are heading in your direction!

It is now easier than ever for KBA to bring outstanding leaders to your door.​ Kirby Bates Associates is pleased to offer flexible options as you choose your preferred method of securing outstanding KBA interim nursing leaders. What is best for you? Full-Service Model KBA employs the interim leader directly as a KBA employee Easy all-inclusive  [continue reading…]