Home Grown Leadership

Growing Executive Nurse Leaders from Within If you have ever shopped at a farmer’s market, you’ll understand that the best produce is home grown. These experienced gardeners will tell you what makes their crops flourish; it all comes down to preparing the ground last autumn.  The hard work that was done “out of season” pays  [continue reading…]

One Size… Does Not Fit All

  New ambulatory models of care require new leadership talents. As healthcare changes, the diversity of talent needed to meet the challenges has also changed. New models of ambulatory care are evolving requiring unique and customized leadership talent. KBA has remained on the leading edge to partner with clients to respond to their diversified talent needs.  [continue reading…]

Learn to Soar With KBA Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Nurse Leaders To significantly and sustainably transform an organization into a thriving culture of caring, or to catapult one that attracts top talent with little turnover is not a simple task and requires a multi-pronged approach. It starts with leadership that understands the value of partnering with experts while investing in its greatest  [continue reading…]

Fill A Leadership Void With KBA Interim Professionals

Fill a Leadership Void with an Interim Leader The daily life of a CEO or other C-suite leader is one with frequent unanticipated challenge. The departure of a key nursing leader, particularly an unplanned one, can leave an organization with a major void.  Organizations are hard pressed to go without competent nursing leadership, especially in  [continue reading…]

Active Impressions Gage Future Success

5 Tips for Maintaining a Good Impression Well After the Initial Interview Most everyone knows that first impressions are lasting impressions.  The initial first seven seconds of any new encounter make a mark on how you are perceived by those with whom you are interacting.  You consider dress, grooming, posture and non-verbal indicators in preparing  [continue reading…]

Executive Coaching Tips: Successful First Impressions

Executive Coaching Tips for Nurse Leaders First impressions are lasting impressions.  The initial first seven seconds of any new encounter make a mark on how you are perceived by those with whom you are interacting.  You consider dress, grooming, posture and non-verbal indicators in preparing for that first encounter. But did you ever stop to  [continue reading…]

KBA Interim Leadership Heroic Executive Solutions

Interim Leadership for Healthcare Organizations When the planned or unplanned departure of a vital leader occurs, partnering with Kirby Bates Associates for Interim Leadership is always a great solution. Interim leaders provide outstanding value and often come to the rescue for organizations at critical times. A key question that is often raised by an organization  [continue reading…]

Fast Track Executive Success: KBA Leadership Coaching

The success of nursing leaders, particularly the Nurse Executive, is crucial to the overall performance of healthcare organizations and requires advanced management and leadership skills. Executive coaches can be very helpful in developing and guiding effective, strong and engaged nurse leaders. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is a recent example of  [continue reading…]

The Consultative Search Model

As System Chief Nursing Officer for the Trinity Mother Frances Hospital & Clinics in Tyler, TX, Rob Rose has hands-on experience in managing the complexity of an integrated healthcare delivery system. During his six years at TMFH&C and in prior roles, Rob has reached out to KBA multiple times because of their knowledge, expertise and  [continue reading…]

Looking to Improve Your Nursing ROI?

For more than 25 years, the Consulting Practice at Kirby Bates Associates has helped patient care executives improve the operations and financial performance of their departments, enhance the credibility and effectiveness of leadership teams and strengthen nursing operations and patient care. One of our most frequently requested services is the evaluation of nursing productivity and  [continue reading…]

Mind the Gap

When you enter the London subway (The Tube), the announcement is always to “mind the gap” between the train and the platform.   You must intentionally step over the gap to get to where you want to go. As organizations observe gaps in leadership performance, are they directing resources to bridge that gap? The success of  [continue reading…]

Finding the Right Fit: A Consultative Approach to Search

Executive search for a new healthcare leader is an opportunity to advance an organization’s mission and strategy. The right fit means the new executive’s contribution will further the organization’s strategic position. The Perfect Fit There’s more to finding the ideal candidate than simply finding the right skill set. Your organization needs help finding the individual  [continue reading…]

A Legacy of Leadership

  As I look back over my 12 years as CEO of Kirby Bates Associates (KBA) I am honored to carry on an exciting nursing leadership legacy. The creativity, talent and determination of Nursing Leaders and the vision of the important role a Nursing led consulting firm can bring to healthcare have made KBA a  [continue reading…]

Expanding and Growing Retained Search Services

Due to continued support from our longstanding clients and the addition of new clients in 2014, Kirby Bates Associates has expanded our scope of retained searches and our search team. Changes within our client’s organizations have resulted in some shifts in the type of searches we are requested to conduct. CNO, ACNO, and Administrative/Service Line  [continue reading…]