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Prepare For Growth: Promote From Within

Promoting internally carries significant benefits.

Promoting from within fosters productivity, retention and enhances morale. Numbers indicate that internal promotion can save up to 11 times the base salary when compared to hiring an outside candidate.

Unfortunately, without a strong leadership development program, organizations helplessly fall into a hiring spiral, wasting or losing internal talent, overspending on outside resources and stifling morale and productivity.

Stop the spiral and develop a “Promote From Within Culture”

Successful organizations have established programs preparing up and coming talent to step into expanded leadership positions when the need arises.  These leaders require minimal onboarding as they already have a deep knowledge of the organization’s goals, systems, and workflow. High-impact development programs use a competency-based coaching process that pinpoints needed areas of skill development and produces custom-fit leaders for any scenario.
Using the KBA Competency-Based Program, individuals learn and apply critical skills including:

  • financial management 
  • human resource administration
  • performance and quality improvement
  • foundational thinking skills
  • technology
  • strategic and business processes
  • political awareness
  • employee engagement strategies
  • communication techniques
  • appropriate application of standards of practice and performance
Don’t let valuable talent leak out of your organization. Halt the loss and foster a culture of internal promotion.  Investing in these individuals will enable you to retain your top talent and solidify the ongoing mission of your unique healthcare organization.