Measure success.

Does Your Healthcare Executive Search Firm Measure Up? 

What do you look for in a Healthcare Executive Search firm?

Is size an important consideration?  How do you measure success?

In choosing an Executive Search firm, it’s important to know the firm’s quality, efficiency, and outcome metrics. A quality search firm will consistently produce leaders that drive the mission of the organization and directly affect strategic results for years to come. With the future success of your organization dependent on strong leaders, it is critical to make an informed decision in choosing the right search firm.

Contrary to popular belief, the size of the search firm is not an important consideration. What is vital is the past performance of the team supporting your search. The following indices are performance measures a hiring executive should consider in selecting a retained search firm.


Healthcare Executive Search Firms


  • Does the search team have deep knowledge/experience in the field? 
  • Does the firm understand your needs?
  • Can they present candidates with the right expertise and cultural fit? 


  • Is the firm responsive to clients and candidates?
  • What is the time from start to presentation of first slate of candidates?


  • What is the firm’s success rate in placing candidates?
  • What is the retention rate for candidates placed? 


RibbonHow does Kirby Bates Associates measure up? 

KBA is a high-quality search firm. Recently, we were named as one of the Top 50 Search Firms by Hunt Scanlon in their annual roundup of the largest, fastest growing executive search firms in the Americas.  Being named to the Hunt Scanlon Top 50 is a great indicator of our ongoing success.
This recognition is a result of our ability to meet and exceed industry standards in these important measures.

KBA’s 3 – Year Metrics

  • 91% – Successful placement rate for all searches over the past 3 years
  • 28 – Average business days from start of search to presentation of first slate of candidates
  • 92% – Percent of clients who requested additional services in the past 3 years

Retention of Candidates Placed

100% — Year 1  |  99% — Year 2  |  95.7% — Year 3

As healthcare changes, the diversity of talent needed to meet challenges has also changed. Models of care are evolving, requiring unique and customized leadership talent. As the numbers indicate, KBA has remained on the leading edge, partnering with clients to respond to their diversified talent needs.