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What’s Your Story?

Kirby Bates helps to make success stories happen. 

Every healthcare organization has its own unique story.  As they work diligently to serve the needs of their communities, each day turns a new page filled with challenges and successes.  Intertwined within many organizations’ narrative lies a common key element, Kirby Bates Associates (KBA) Executive Search.  KBA is proud to be the catalyst for many “successful endings”. Here is one such account.
A Perfect Match 
A nationally known, financially strong, acute care facility was strategically focused on regional growth. They had worked diligently to develop robust systems but needed a nursing leader to foster staff engagement to reach their full potential.  Recognizing they needed a best in class leader, they turned to KBA to recruit a new Chief Nursing Officer who could help them achieve their goals.


Working closely with the administrative team, KBA brought a fresh perspective and presented highly qualified potential candidates for the Nursing/PCS leadership role. KBA identified a CNO with the skills to support their strategic expansion, promote care across the continuum as well as build nursing infrastructure, communication, and engagement. Helping to secure the right candidate turned their story into a success story.

Are You Ready for Success?

If the answer is yes, contact the KBA Executive Search Team to help you find the right leader to achieve the strategic goals of your organization. KBA places transformational nurse executives and senior level healthcare leaders who help turn strategy into reality.


The Right Leader Could Turn Your Story into Success. 

M. Jane Fitzsimmons, MSN, RN
Executive Vice President, Search Services
617-514-0050   |   jfitzsimmons@kirbybates.comAs a prior CNO/COO, Jane brings expertise in executive search, leadership, and consulting. She successfully manages executive and senior leadership searches for healthcare organizations and systems across the country.