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The Next Generation in Workforce Solutions is Here

Next Generation in Workforce Solutions.

Is your organization ready to get disruptive?

As nursing executives working with organizations across the country, we know first-hand the challenges many organizations are facing in getting a sufficient supply of high-quality contingent staff (i.e. travel nurses) when they need them. That is why we are so pleased to share with our colleagues that there is a new platform, Healthcare Workforce Logistics, (HWL), that brings a whole new approach for engaging contingent healthcare workers – all aimed at higher quality staff at lower cost.

Much of the dissatisfaction with today’s contingent workforce programs is that, up until now, healthcare organizations have only had two inherently deficient options:

The third-party Managed Service Program (MSP) model, which accesses and manages contingent staff from multiple staffing agencies, and the staffing agency-based model, which provide their own contingent staff and also use other staffing agencies when they can’t meet demand. The third-party MSP programs offer competitive pricing and vendor neutrality but they lack transparency, offer limited services, and they have failed to evolve over time.

The staffing-agency model offers value-added clinical staff screening services and priority access to their own contingent staff but they lack competitive rate setting and they create mistrust between themselves and other staffing companies they rely on due to unethical business practices (candidate poaching). This negatively impacts the ability of healthcare organizations to get high-quality staff at reasonable prices.  The biggest deficits in both models is they do nothing to foster using internal resource pools before going to outside agencies and they lack the recruitment market intelligence that HWL offers.

Disrupt the Status Quo with Healthcare Workforce Logistics

HWL is a new workforce solution that provides organizations with greater flexibility, transparency and more control over resources than ever before. A key differentiator in the HWL workforce solution is their ability to provide a modern, scalable and cost-effective workforce solution that is like no other on the market today.

It promotes and supports using internal staff before accessing outside agencies, it is vendor-neutral, it provides the best pricing and it offers powerful recruitment market intelligence that supports both permanent and contingent staff recruitment.

Through an open ecosystem architecture, real-time market data and professional exchange platform, healthcare organizations can engage healthcare workers directly to drive more supply, improve fill rates and optimize pricing through a variety of sourcing options.  The web-based professional exchange platform is tailored to handle an entire healthcare workforce, including internal resource pools and staff in all departments across the organization.

No longer will healthcare organizations be at the mercy of agencies to supplement their staffing shortages at exorbitant bill rates.  
Healthcare Workforce Logistics is the newest addition of the Jackson Healthcare portfolio of seventeen independently-managed and operated staffing, search and technology firms, including Kirby Bates.

HWL and KBA are working together to introduce this compelling new approach to workforce management to all types of healthcare organizations.  We are pleased to introduce Julie O’Keefe Vice President of Workforce Solutions.

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