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Tailored Coaching to Meet Every Leaders Needs

Tailored Executive Coaching Services

No two members of your team are the same.  What motivates one could cause another to falter.  If your goal is to develop a dynamic leadership team, then forgo the cookie-cutter coaching approach and engage experts who provide tailor-made coaching programs focused on individualized learning and mentoring needs.

Kirby Bates’ expert panel of coaches are capable of ensuring success in meeting your career goals.  Certified Kirby Bates coaches understand the intricacies of nurse leader challenges offering contemporary best practice solutions guaranteed to meet performance expectations.

Tailor-Made For Success

•  Make your next career step up the ladder 

•  Navigate through challenging situations

•  Explore financial management skills

•  Groom for COO or CEO role 




Kirby Bates coaches are completely dedicated to the most important aspect of the coaching equation… you. Options available for consideration include nursing leadership team cohort competency education, specialized competency training and education, individualized coaching programming, one on one professional career guidance, and relationship management technique exploration.

To learn more about how you can advance your career through individualized professional coaching services, please contact:

Pamela DeCampli MSN, RN, NEA-BC,
Executive Vice President
and Certified Coach
Phone: (610) 898-3354