Not Hiring an Interim Leader? Watch Out for These 3 Risks

  In periods of transition and change, it’s common for healthcare organizations to think they simply need to dig in, cultivate their resilience, and push through. After all, is the cost of engaging an interim leader worth it when your time and resources could be used to identify talent or drive initiatives forward? It’s absolutely  [continue reading…]

What to Know When Hiring a Healthcare CFO

  What is the role of a healthcare CFO? It’s a simple question, but in hospitals and hospital systems across the country, the answer is changing rapidly. As the industry changes and hospital consolidation becomes increasingly common, CFOs have become more involved with organizational strategies of all kinds. A CFO today is not just an  [continue reading…]

How an Interim Specialty Clinic Director Increased OR Cases by 12%

  Perioperative Services and the clinics that support them can be the highest cost center in a healthcare delivery organization, even while it also represents the most opportunity for sustainable long-term growth—accounting for upwards of 80% of a typical hospital’s revenue. With today’s increased pressure on executive leadership to improve both financial performance and quality scores, there  [continue reading…]

Back to the Basics: When to Hire an Interim Nurse Leader

  Interim Nurse Leaders play an integral role in healthcare organizations, particularly now in the midst of a pandemic. Because staff and leaders are in flux and patient volumes and revenues are falling, keeping quality and the patient experience at the forefront of the organizational agenda is key to optimizing reimbursement. Interim Nurse Leaders fill  [continue reading…]