Healthcare Private Equity Trends and Challenges in 2024

  The last four years have ushered in a new paradigm of healthcare deliveries and corporate structures, with a dramatic surge and fall in healthcare private equity (PE) deal value and volumes. According to Troy Keach, Kirby Bates Associates Vice President of Executive Search, “Private equity firms are increasingly interested in the healthcare sector and  [continue reading…]

Sparking Action: From Passive to Active Candidates

  The search for healthcare executive leadership is a nuanced journey. The absence of executive leadership in healthcare organizations can diminish productivity, dampen morale across the leadership and caregiving continuum, and result in missed strategic milestones at pivotal times. Achieving swift and strategic recruitment is paramount. Recruiting executive leaders often presents challenges in both accuracy  [continue reading…]

Not Hiring an Interim Leader? Watch Out for These 3 Risks

  In periods of transition and change, it’s common for healthcare organizations to think they simply need to dig in, cultivate their resilience, and push through. After all, is the cost of engaging an interim leader worth it when your time and resources could be used to identify talent or drive initiatives forward? It’s absolutely  [continue reading…]

Five Signs You Need an Interim Laboratory Consultant

  Labs are integral to exceptional patient care, and in today’s healthcare landscape, the demands on laboratories are greater than ever. Healthcare organizations must balance efficiency and precision while championing the needs of both patients and the laboratory team. Excellence in the lab is a matter of life and death — for patients and organizations.  [continue reading…]

How an Interim Specialty Clinic Director Increased OR Cases by 12%

  Perioperative Services and the clinics that support them can be the highest cost center in a healthcare delivery organization, even while it also represents the most opportunity for sustainable long-term growth—accounting for upwards of 80% of a typical hospital’s revenue. With today’s increased pressure on executive leadership to improve both financial performance and quality scores, there  [continue reading…]

Top 3 Reasons to Engage Interim Healthcare Leadership

  Interim leaders can save the day in myriad situations when a healthcare organization is facing temporary leadership vacancies and transitions, specific project needs, and performance improvement opportunities. These are the top 3 scenarios in which high-performing health systems make the smart choice to engage interim executive leaders: 1. Leadership Vacancies and Transitions When there  [continue reading…]

5 Key Reasons Why Recruiting Leaders for Private Equity-backed Healthcare Organizations is Different

Recruiting leaders for private equity-backed healthcare organizations can present unique challenges and considerations compared to recruiting for other types of companies and healthcare delivery organizations.  “Over the years, I have found that executives with PE and VC experience are critical to the success of an organization,” says Troy Keach, vice president of executive search and  [continue reading…]

How an Interim Lab Manager Improved Operations and the Bottom Line

When the executive team of this 250+ bed California community hospital discovered challenges in Laboratory Services, they contacted Kirby Bates Associates for a highly qualified Interim Director to align the department with contemporary best practices and technology. Within days, KBA engaged a seasoned interim leader who had additional expertise in LEAN Principles and Practices to  [continue reading…]

The Value of Interim Nurse Leaders

Maintaining safe, high-quality care and an excellent patient experience are top priorities of every healthcare organization. While leadership stability is widely appreciated as essential to achieving these goals, we are living in a time of the Great Resignation.  This begs the question: how does an organization achieve such stability even during times of volatility? Many  [continue reading…]

Why Interim Leadership in Healthcare Is an Advantage

Interim leadership is one of the most valuable tools in any healthcare organization’s proverbial toolbelt, especially amidst the new challenges that the industry faces as a whole. Necessity fosters innovation, and as the pandemic forced the adoption of many new business practices, industry-wide notions regarding interim leadership have shifted dramatically.   Before, during and after the  [continue reading…]

Leading Hospitals Turn to KBA for Progressive Interim Perioperative Leaders

  [Download the PDF] As surgeries begin to resume across the country, many organizations face new post COVID-19  challenges such as minimizing the number of staff in the surgical suite and post-anesthesia care units (PACUs) to mitigate patient risk. Healthcare organizations are also working to keep their largest revenue center functioning at peak performance, especially  [continue reading…]

Crisis Does Not Create Leaders, It Reveals Them

  Kirby Bates Associates is sharing another great example of dynamic leadership in action. We invite you to read this moving and instructive story of Laurie, MSN, RN, FACHE, an interim nurse leader navigating COVID-19, uncertainty, and death in the Pacific Northwest. — [Read the Full Story]   Home to the first reported case of  [continue reading…]

Back to the Basics: When to Hire an Interim Nurse Leader

  Interim Nurse Leaders play an integral role in healthcare organizations, particularly now in the midst of a pandemic. Because staff and leaders are in flux and patient volumes and revenues are falling, keeping quality and the patient experience at the forefront of the organizational agenda is key to optimizing reimbursement. Interim Nurse Leaders fill  [continue reading…]

Reflections on Results: Interim PeriOperative Operations Advisor

[DOWNLOAD AS PDF]   Leading hospitals turn to Kirby Bates for high-performing interim nurse leaders. Learn more about our interim services or contact us to learn how we can provide access to a national pool of the best healthcare leaders. 

Reflections on Results: An Interim CNO’s Farewell

  Demonstrating an outstanding track record, Kirby Bates Associates’ healthcare executive placements have proven to be most successful in achieving organizational needs. You can read more about our Interim Leadership services here.