How to Get There Faster: New Approaches to Closing Leadership Gaps

A graphic showing headshots of the webinar panelists

Today’s newly appointed nurse leaders are facing challenges that are more complex and demanding than ever, while the health of our organizations stands in the balance. New skills are needed – but how do we get there – and quickly?

Imagine having a dedicated Nurse Executive Advisor to accelerate the newly advanced nurse leader’s development. Progressing together through a customized leadership development curriculum and actively working side by side, the partners conquer the real-life challenges of today while building broader competencies that will last a lifetime.

Led by Melissa A. Fitzpatrick, MSN, RN, FAAN, president of Kirby Bates Associates and former Chief Nurse Executive of Duke Health, this panel of nurse leaders will reveal their lived experiences as two newly appointed CNOs and their nurse executive advisors. They will discuss their journeys toward C-suite readiness through shaping opinion, mobilizing teams, and navigating the ever-changing environments in which communication, interpersonal skills, and strategic alignment are pivotal.

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