Succession Planning in Healthcare: When to Do it & How to Do it Well

  Healthcare leaders and board members alike agree that succession planning is important, but few organizations actually begin the process or do it consistently or efficiently.  Many leaders find succession planning daunting, uncomfortable for themselves and they fail to appoint someone to lead the charge. What some healthcare leaders don’t understand is that a failure  [continue reading…]

What to Expect When a Long-Term CEO Retires

When a long-term chief executive officer decides to retire or leave a hospital/health system, there is a chance for a huge cultural shift. It not only affects the C-suite, but it spreads to all areas of the hospital. In July of 2018, Becker’s Hospital Review reported 57 health system CEO resignations from the first and  [continue reading…]

KBA Interim Leadership Heroic Executive Solutions

Interim Leadership for Healthcare Organizations When the planned or unplanned departure of a vital leader occurs, partnering with Kirby Bates Associates for Interim Leadership is always a great solution. Interim leaders provide outstanding value and often come to the rescue for organizations at critical times. A key question that is often raised by an organization  [continue reading…]