How to Stand Out as an Internal Candidate

As care delivery organizations continue to tread uncertain waters, C-suites across the nation remain in flux with retirements, reductions in force, and elimination of roles. This dynamic environment also represents an opportunity for emerging leaders. Often an internal candidate is found to be the strongest for the role.   The American College of Healthcare Executives  [continue reading…]

How to Maintain Empathy in Healthcare

  What it means and why it matters. Showing empathy in healthcare is an important driver of patient satisfaction.   Communication is the key – both receiving and sharing information.  As a member of the healthcare team, the quality of your communication with patients should be consistent and aim to build relationships with patients and  [continue reading…]

How to Build a Professional Network in Healthcare

Building and maintaining a professional network is an essential skill and activity for all professionals, especially those in healthcare. With complex environments changing so rapidly, however, it is often all too easy to neglect. The turbulent nature of healthcare today, makes the commitment to being professionally connected vital. The need to understand external trends and  [continue reading…]

Why You Should Consider Using a Professional Coach

Using a Professional Coach What would you think if during a review a supervisor said, “You could benefit from having a professional coach”? In days past, this statement would bring heart palpitations to emerging leaders and seasoned executives alike, whose first thoughts might be that they were failing, performing poorly, or heading down the road of being  [continue reading…]

Executive Coaching Tips: Successful First Impressions

Executive Coaching Tips for Nurse Leaders First impressions are lasting impressions.  The initial first seven seconds of any new encounter make a mark on how you are perceived by those with whom you are interacting.  You consider dress, grooming, posture and non-verbal indicators in preparing for that first encounter. But did you ever stop to  [continue reading…]

Mind the Gap

When you enter the London subway (The Tube), the announcement is always to “mind the gap” between the train and the platform.   You must intentionally step over the gap to get to where you want to go. As organizations observe gaps in leadership performance, are they directing resources to bridge that gap? The success of  [continue reading…]